The profile of the major LL.M. International & European Law is focused on the international aspect, with elements of comparative study of major legal regimes. It concerns both the legal relations between states and other participants in international relations. Additionally, emphasis in the programmatic layer of the profile has been placed on matters associated with European Union law, both in the context of formulating and executing EU policies, as well as in the institutional sphere and relations among Member States. 



  • International Business Law
  • Modern Human Rights Law 


Within the framework of the specialisation International Business Law, emphasis is placed on regulations concerning international trade. The programme combines the primary elements of the international law regime regarding broadly-defined commercial law, both in the aspect of private law as it determines the relations between individual participants in economic life and in the public aspect related to legal interactions between commercial entities and public regulators.

The special programme Modern Human Rights Law is focused on the transmission of knowledge and skills associated with various aspects of the legal situation of the individual in international law.

The programme encompasses detailed issues of human rights law, as well as particular international law regulations associated with inter alia the situations of asylum- and refuge-seekers, and people from countries engulfed in armed conflict.

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